How to Avoid Common Slot Machine Playing Mistakes

Understanding the basics of slot machines is key to maximising your wins and dispelling common myths about them. Knowing how slot machines work will allow you to avoid common pitfalls.

Random Number Generator

A “random generator” (RNG), a microchip embedded in every slot machine, generates random numbers continuously at a rate of approximately one hundred per second. These random numbers corresponds to the position on each reel of the machine. The only thing you do is spin the reels. The key is really telling the slot machine to display the reel positions which correspond to the last set randomly generated numbers for it at the time.

Knowing how the RNG works, these are some rules to avoid when you play slot machines.

Slot Machines are not recommended for use.

People who believe they can beat slot machines with a computer system. The RNG turns the game into a game of pure luck, without any skill. All the spins can be used independently. All that matters is the exact moment that you play, which determines which set or random numbers you use. The mathematical formulas that are used to calculate the winning percentages of roulette (another game based on chance) cannot be applied.

Don’t Assume a Slot Machine Is Due a Payback

Machines are never due for payout at a specific time because the payback percentage or payout frequency is calculated longer-term. The machine is allowed to pay multiple times in a short amount of time. It can also not pay out for long periods.

Do not rush

The chances of winning more jackpots or paybacks is not affected by playing faster. Between the spins of any player who is fast, the RNG will produce hundreds of numbers. You can therefore relax, take your own time, and really enjoy the experience.

Don’t Feel Bad

If you get a winning combination on a slot, someone will win the jackpot right after you. Do not feel sorry, as you most likely would not have won the jackpot anyway. Why? It is quite simple. The random number generator speed would require you to both have played at exactly one micro second. (And keep in mind that there are 100 calculations per second, so the odds of both players pressing the play button simultaneously are slim).

How can you maximise your chances of winning?

Knowing how the RNG works will help you avoid the many myths associated with slot machines. You can also see the benefits of playing more. If you were considering buying a system of slot machines, you can save money! You can make slots a bit more interesting by knowing the best machines and coins to use.

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