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Funding Your Internet Gambling Strategy

Buying chips or credits at online gambling web pages seems to be getting more difficult every month. It is difficult to keep track and change the policy of processing companies as well as legislative changes.

In the beginning days of online gaming, there was not much choice for funding your casino account or sportsbook account. The majority of online gambling sites were primarily focused on credit card billing before the internet casino boom. A few casinos that use Microgaming also used Surefire Commerce platform which later became FirePay.

There were few alternatives, so direct billing of credit card accounts remained the preferred option for years, despite many difficulties. High-risk transactions were deemed by banks to be high-risk. They came with steep fees. Consumers would often challenge the charges if it didn’t work out. There was a need for an alternative and PayPal soon emerged as the solution.

PayPal had been acquired in 2002 by, an online auction site. It had also ceased any internet gambling business. Neteller, an electronic money transfer company, entered the market to cater to the online gambling sector. Although there were many others who entered the market over the next few decades, Neteller remained a dominant force in the payment industry to and from online gaminggambling and casino.

Neteller pulled out from the market in March 2007 due to growing legal pressures coming from the United States. According to this statement, the company has stopped processing transactions from US and Canadian customers. These customers make up the majority for internet gambling customers. Neteller is the most popular online gambling platform. Many are now wondering what their options are. There are many ways to fund an web gambling account.

MasterCard Credit Cards– The industry seems to have come full circle. Online casinos recommend using Visa and Mastercard for primary funding.

ePassporte ePassporte – ePassporte enables anonymous sending and receiving of money anywhere in the world. It works by using a prepaid virtual Visa that can be reloaded. You can register for an account at

Click2Pay – While ePassporte has a range of ecommerce services, Click2Pay offers an electronic wallet designed specifically for the online gaming industry. Click2Pay now has a better understanding of the industry than other payment options. offers a quick way to register for an account.

By Mail: Old-fashioned money orders and checks are always appreciated. You won’t see any credit in your account right away, as it takes some time for the check mailed to you at the online casino.

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