Online Casino

Mobile gambling has become a major trend in today’s digital world. Mobile gambling didn’t become a reality until nearly ten years after online gambling. However, the industry took it by storm. Playtech launched Playtech’s first mobile-based gambling software in 2005 right at the time that smartphones had become more mainstream. Today, there are many online casinos that offer mobile-based sites and downloadable mobile applications. These apps make gambling simple for mobile users. We expect to see standards in mobile gaming software improving over the next few decades and that more casino offerings will be made to suit this wide audience. It is still unclear what the laws regarding online gambling are in many countries. Online gambling is not legal in certain countries like Qatar and U.A.E. It is also illegal for some countries such U.K. and Denmark to offer any type of gambling. Canadians gamble online legally, but gambling laws are still grey. Canadian casinos cannot have any company based in Canada, even though online gambling is legal in all countries. It is unlikely that any Canadian-based online casino provider will offer products for Canadian players.